DIY Backyard Aquaponics System utilizes the sun to produce fresh food

The lack of land resources available to an urban dweller for farming means that we have to purchase food that has grown hundreds of miles away in conditions we know nothing about. To help an urban homeowner produce food with minimal effort and land, inventors at Renewable DIY have prototyped an interesting Aquaponics System that can easily be set up with minimum effort. Christened the DIY Backyard Aquaponics System, the project aims to use the goodness of the sun to produce fresh food and fish without using any additional fertilizers or pesticides.

The self sustainable system features a fish tank that can hold 344 gallons of water – enough to support around 172 pounds of fish and a grow bed that can hold 22 cubic feet of grow medium. The fish eat food that you provide them and produce waste in the form of ammonia. Bacteria converts ammonia into nitrates, which serves as fertilizer for the veggies growing in the grow bed.

Water is pumped to the grow beds using a solar powered pump. After the plants have absorbed the nutrients in water, it is re-circulated back to the fish tank. Since water is recycled, the system only uses 10 percent the amount of water consumed by conventional soil-based farming techniques. Since the system runs entirely off-the-grid you can place it in your lawn or backyard. The solar panel also recharges a battery that can power the system after dark or during cloudy days.

Via: Kick Starter

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