The Strips House: Eco friendly concept house brings nature close to you

Conceptualized by UK-based OEBI Architects, The Strips House is an eco friendly house designed for those urban home owners who don’t usually get time to spend close to nature. The sustainable home brings nature right inside the house, adding to its eco friendly credentials while also making the home lot livelier and refreshing. The zoning plan of the house features four main “Strips”, each of which offers a different view of indoor nature.

The first zone, which is the “Swap Around Welcoming Area” is built as a flexible space with an adaptable design. The space can be used to accommodate a daily workstation and an installment of large sliding-wall-panel creates a divide in the area to cater to the needs of those guests who would like to spend a night at your house. The second zone, “The Boundary Strip” sets up a transition zone that separates the guest area from the family area of the house, facilitating a powder room and provides easy access to the upper floor.

The third zone, dubbed the “Nature Infused Dining Room” is one of the most brilliant thought about area of the house and it’s here where the inhabitants get access to nature. Designed to impress, the dining area features a detached pantry pulled to one side of the area, while a small void of dry garden brings a refreshing view. The fourth zone, The “Live In Living Room” is created at the rear end of the house and is designed to better the living conditions of the family with nature. The room offers ample space with an adjoining garden that runs through the length of the room to further enlarge the airy space inside the house.

The upper floor is also designed on the same lines and provides a roomy arrangement for night quarters, including a master bedroom with a private sitting area. The area is joined by an inner balcony with a broad opening to the dry garden void below and the roof garden.

The sustainable home design can encourage individuals to plan environmentally friendly dwellings along the same lines. A green home not only ensures that your carbon footprint is at the minimum but also benefits the occupants in more ways than one. If you’re really interested in building an eco friendly home for your family make sure to carry out tree surveys before planning the home and the garden, as this will make sure that your home and garden are nature friendly. For this you can always refer to Arbtech Tree Survey.


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