Demolished houses in Cleveland being turned into recyclable workstations

In Cleveland, Ohio, about 2000 homes are being torn down each year by A Piece of Cleveland to make room for improved structures. While this might be good news for urban planners and architects, all that waste that arises in the process isn’t great news for environmentalists. While companies like Reclaim Cleveland are working hard to harvest reusable materials from the demolishing, an art professor at Cleveland Institute of Art, Dan Cuffaro, is doing his bit in preventing all that material from reaching the landfills by creating innovative workstations from it.

The innovator has come up with the HIVE workstation, which features a work surface, storage area, built-in LED lighting and panels that can be customized to fit different needs. Designed for flexible-use spaces, the units are placed on wheels to allow them to be moved to any preferred location. The workstations come with a multitude of eco friendly credentials. Each unit is made using 60 percent reclaimed materials, and is about 95 percent recycled or recyclable.

While some of the workstations reach the students of the institute, Cuffaro has also started his own business that in turn supports two other local businesses. The best part is that all this is done by turning trash to treasure.

Via: Core 77

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