Inachus Floating Home could let you live on water sustainably

With climate change and global warming, researchers are predicting a steep rise in sea levels, which could drown some of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world. This is the reason we see architects planning to build self powered floating cities, which could house humanity in a globally warmed world. UK-based Sanitov Studio is also working on the same lines and has come up with the Inachus Floating Home that will be launched at the London Design Festival.

The innovative and sustainable home makes use of cutting-edge technologies along with biology and cultural studies to envision mass communities of customized houses that float. The eco friendly smart residence features a plethora of energy saving systems and appliances, all of which can easily be operated by a smart phone. The innovative design allows the building to remain comfortable on the inside with zero heating, ventilation and carbon emissions.

With an Energy Level 5 Status, the house features the use of super-efficient HIT solar PV panels that create a 2KWp system to supplement the power loads of the floating home. The mechanical ventilations system with heat recovery and heat pump provides heat without consuming much energy. Roof lights allow natural light to filter to the interior spaces while the external louvers provide shading to decrease unwanted solar gain during summer months.

SIP panels with additional insulation have been included to minimize heat loss. The house also features an indoor green wall that creates a sense of wellbeing apart from improving indoor air quality. The roof top features a wild flower green roof that helps increase biodiversity of the riverscape and provides an opportunity to grow food.

Via: DesignBoom

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