Mando Footloose chainless hybrid bike generates electricity as you pedal

To enhance your bicycling experience bike manufacturers have been regularly coming up with electric bikes, which make you commute without pedaling. However, since electric bikes don’t have much operating range, you either have to recharge them quite frequently or go back to the good old pedaling times. The Mando Footloose is quite different. Made by Mando Corp. and Meister Inc. the chainless, hybrid electric, folding bike comes with a generator onboard that produces electricity while you pedal.

The hybrid drive system brings the power directly to the drive wheel with its high performance dual winding motor and at the same time also serves as a generator. As the rider pedals the mechanical energy produced is transformed into electricity and supplied to the e-bikes battery. While the standard autonomy of the battery is around 30km, the range can easily be increased by pedaling on level ground for use when going uphill.

The innovative bike also features an electronic control unit with integrated sensors that monitor the bike’s speed, the slope and the terrain to regulate the motor accordingly. The bike’s onboard Human Machine Interface Display provides important information such as riding mode, distance covered, speed and battery status along with the electricity produced to the rider. All those features come in a bike that can easily be folded by pushing two levers and then rolled on its wheels.

Via: Bicycle Design

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