Ebuggy project could make long distance EV travel viable

With limited operating range of most electric vehicle batteries, a purely electric car isn’t a viable alternative to gas powered cars for a long distance trip. EV batteries take hours to recharge and moreover the electric car charging infrastructure is not fully developed. To answer to this problem a German company has come up with the ebuggy project that could theoretically give electric vehicles an unlimited range.

The idea is simple as all the user has to do before going out of town is to hitch a range extending ebuggy trailer to their car. The trailer’s electrical system could be plugged into the car’s electrical system. Once the ebuggy runs out of juice, the driver could easily pull over at a roadside exchange station and swap the depleted trailer with a fully charged one.

Users would pay for the trailers on per-use basis, via an ebuggy card, which they receive when signing up for the service. Fees would also be automatically calculated and billed to the user account. The developers believe that the service would always cost less than driving a gas or a diesel vehicle. The company has already prototyped and tested the trailer. The system could not only make long-distance EV commutes more viable, it could also make EVs more affordable as vehicles could be made with smaller, reasonably priced batteries.

Via: Gizmag

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