Ultimate eco home in South Korea is a renewable energy powerhouse

While for most of us a couple of solar panels mounted on the roof is more than sufficient to classify our home as eco friendly, a creative team at Unsangdong Architects in South Korea have shown the true potential of environmentally friendly technology in architecture by building an ultimate green home that employs about 95 green technologies for perfect sustainability.

Dubbed the E+ Green Home, the 1,733sqm house, is considered to be the house of the future, where conventional energy sources would either be too expensive or not available at all. The E+ Green Home works on three E+ concepts – Energy+, by what of generating renewable energy, Eco+ to offer environmentally friendly housing and Emotion+ which stimulates the customer’s design emotion.

The self-powered home includes everything from highly efficient insulation systems to the use of solar panels to generate renewable energy. Water is also conserved and reused by the house and the smart ventilation and lighting system helps conserve the energy generated by the house. Apart from showing concern for the environment, the house doesn’t miss on the health of the occupants too as it makes use of eco friendly wallpapers and CO2 concentration monitors as well.

Collectively there are 450 sensors installed to monitor all the 95 technologies embedded in the house, which can save, combine and control the information on energy output and input by connecting each element such as lighting, switches and outlets.

Via: Fresh Home

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