Designers’ Dream solar powered mobile tablet includes a printer too!

Unlike most of us who work in offices, most industrial designers get the best ideas when they are alone and close to nature. For such industrial designers who want to think about the next big product while working in the woods, designer James Smith has come up with a concept mobile tablet that runs on solar power and even includes a printer.

Christened the “Designers’ Dream”, the mobile tablet represents the creative freedom of designers and features an integrated rechargeable battery and a solar panel to independently power the tablet when outdoors. The solar energy generating cover can be removed from the main unit and set up at a place where it can harvest the maximum amount of renewable energy. This unit stores energy in an onboard battery and can later be attached to the tablet to extend its power backup.

The mobile tablet also hides a printer underneath, which gives the designer the ability to get an instant print of the design he has just created.

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