Nano Dolphin combines inflatable technology with sustainability

Conceptualized by Romanian designer Demetrius Tanase for students who love to own a boat but don’t usually have the kind of space at their disposal where they can store their boat, the Nano Dolphin is a futuristic boat that combines the benefits of inflatable technology with modern technologies such as photovoltaic panels to ease sailing. The 4m concept dinghy can easily be deflated, folded and stored as transportation luggage.

The boat includes an electroactive polymer structure that exhibits a change in size and shape when stimulated by an electric current. The structure can be made hard or flexible according to the linking of the user and to make it possible to fold. The boat can even be sailed by amateurs as it includes a computer that automatically controls the boat and its sail.

The sail features the use of photovoltaic panels that provide all the energy the boat needs to power the computer, the automatic control and the electroactive polymer. The boat has been designed for people living in big cities, who have little or no space to store a boat. While the technologies employed look too futuristic to us, the designer believes that the evolution of materials could make the boat hit the water pretty soon.

Cheers! Demetrius Tanase

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