Velopresso human powered coffee cart is perfect for the streets of the future

While most coffee karts make use of electric grinders to churn out the perfect blend of coffee for you, the Velopress, by Amos Field Reid and Lasse Oiva, is different. The coffee cart, which is being hailed as a celebratory fusion of human power, sensory pleasures and technology, runs entirely on human power. The Velopresso includes a pedal-powered mobile coffee making machine, which is ideal for off-grid selling of quality espresso and its derivatives.

The Velopresso is based on a custom trike frame, where the operator can switch between gears to either power the trike and reach his destination or drive the coffee grinder. The nearly silent coffee cart has ultra low carbon emissions and doesn’t make use of electricity or grinders. For now the developers make use of a small boiler that runs on a gas canister, the duo hopes to somehow convert waste coffee grounds into ethanol to power the water boiler.


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