French designer goes back to the basics to design futuristic T-shirts

Whenever we think about futuristic fashion we may come up with all kinds of design templates, with environmentalists like us still figuring out the ways solar powered clothing could help us in the future. Well, a French designer, Pauline Marcombe, has followed an entirely different conception to design futuristic clothes. The designer believes that future clothing will be all about sustainability without worrying much about comfort.

Working on this unconventional theme, the designer has come up with an all-natural T-shirt that isn’t made of cloth, but laser cut pieces of wood tied together with the help of wire. This “fashionable” t-shirt, christened Prototype Triangle Numero 1, is designed into a form that could fit just about anyone, who doesn’t want t-shirts to be comfortable. Future t-shirts will of course be tailored to the wearer’s size, offering you a personal protective layer to guard you against whatever comes your way.

Via: Oh Gizmo

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