Artist makes functional office space from half of an old Hungarian bus

With buses being one of the primary modes of public transportation there are lots of old buses gathering rust in scrap yards. A Hungarian artist has come up with an innovative way to give these old buses, or at least a part of it, a new life in the form of a fully functional working space. This guy made use of half of the front end of an old Ikarus bus and gave it a completely new look.

With working headlights and even the wiper and the side view mirror still attached to the bus, the cabin occupies a corner of a room. The cabin was actually cut from the old bus and painted to give it a new look. The space available was then used to fit in a desk and chair. With a unique atmosphere inside, the bus work station offers enough space to install a computer system thereby creating a fully functional work space, ready to compliment your home décor.

Via: Fresh Home

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