Zümaround kick scooter with e-assist conquers any terrain easily

Giving kick scooter lovers the ability to ride on any terrain with relative ease, Kickstart Scooters has unveiled its latest offering, a new electric kick scooter that they call the Zümaround. The scooter offers an electric boost when the rider is trying to muscle up difficult terrain, making you hit a top speed of 20mph.

The stand up scooter is designed to get you up hills through harsh wind using power coming from the front mounted 250W hub motor running on electricity provided by a 36V lithium manganese battery. Running at its top speed, the battery is expected to last for an hour while covering a distance of 20 miles in the process. The rider can control the motor output with a thumb throttle. A pair of grip-activated V-brakes helps stop the wheels and cut the power to the motor to slow you down.

Weighing in at around 36 pounds, the scooter comes with 20-inch pneumatic tires and a kickstand. The scooter is designed to support a rider weight about 375 pounds. The Zümaround will come in four colors to suit different requirements at a retail price of $1250.

Via: Gizmag

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