Peugeot’s Onyx concept scooter to feature a hybrid powertrain

At this week’s Paris Motor Show, Peugeot’s Onyx hybrid supercar will get the company of Onyx hybrid concept scooter. Leaked details have revealed that the three-wheeled scooter follows the same design theme as the supercar with a hybrid engine that provides up to 45kW of power and 58Nm of torque.

The three-wheeled hybrid scooter features a 400cc internal combustion engine mated to an electric motor, which powers the 17-inch rear wheel. The scooter is being claimed to hit a top speed of 150kph returning a fuel consumption of about 2.0 liters per 100km. The scooter’s battery is good enough for a ride of 30km after which the gas engine kicks in to enhance the range to about 500km.

Another trick up the sleeves of the Onyx Concept scooter is a removable storage “ClipBox” between the handlebars and the seat that allows for two different riding configurations. When the rider is in Sport mode, the ClipBox is attached and the rider leans forwards, while in the Urban Mode, the “ClipBox” is removed for a traditional upright riding position.

Via: Car Advice

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