Umboo: A versatile umbrella made from bamboo for the rural world

Designed for use in the developing part of the world, the Umboo is a multipurpose bamboo umbrella with a seat facilitating its use from everything including outdoor furniture and a small bar. Conceptualized by industrial designer Mikhail Belyaev, the project is aimed for use in areas with high temperatures and long rainy seasons.

The umbrella part of the furniture is made using a hexagonal mesh of lightweight and renewable bamboo, which can further be covered using leather, fabric, plastic and even leaves to offer respite from the scorching sun. With an ability to transform to suit varied requirements, the designer envisions Umboo as outdoor furniture in schools, a mini bar, where the lightweight two-piece box can be removed and used as a case for moving products and goods from home to the market. Here the canvas canopy and the front of the box can also be used as an advertisement space.

A simple Umboo can also be used at bus stops with the box replaced with a bamboo seat. In this configuration, it is also possible to designate the name of the station on the canopy. The lightweight structure is easy to transport and can be made using affordable materials. Bamboo is relatively strong and is mostly resistant to water damage, making sure that the structure is quite durable.

Cheers! Mikhail Belyaev

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