UpLIFT: Tiny prefabricated homes stuffed into elevated parking spaces

Living space doesn’t come cheap in NYC and this is the reason the city’s residents live in shared accommodation. In an effort to make eco friendly living space available to the residents of New York City, designers Lawrence Zeroth, Jack Philips, Brian Schulman and Eugene Lubomir have come up with the “UpLIFT”, a proposal to transform the city’s empty elevated parking spaces into a mesh of prefabricated tiny homes.

Made using recycled plastics, the prefabricated modules can be stuffed into the parking spaces and can be designed in accordance with the site’s solar access to generate energy and conserve it too. With opportunities for rainwater harvesting, the façade of the prefabricated homes can also include a solar photovoltaic skin to produce renewable energy for the residents.

Presented for the Home Competition run by Building Trust International, the homes were designed in accordance with the theme of the competition that called for a $30,000 single-occupancy home with an urban area of a developed country. The home could be geared towards people who are mentally or physically challenged or people who have experienced homelessness.

The UpLIFT living modules are designed to be prefabricated offsite using injection molded panels made using recycled plastic. These panels can then be delivered to the parking garage and placed into empty parking spaces, thereby creating affordable living space for the residents of this developed city.

Via: Inhabitat

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