Tesla unveils solar powered Supercharger network for its electric vehicles

While products like the Ebuggy are trying to revolutionize electric vehicle travel by offering a buggy that can be connected and rolled along with your electric car during long trips, Tesla has unveiled its highly anticipated Supercharger network for the same cause. Constructed in secret, the company revealed the locations of the first six Supercharger stations, allowing owners of Model S to travel long distances with ultra fast, solar powered charging throughout California and parts of Nevada and Arizona.

The energy required by the Supercharger comes from a solar carport system provided by SolarCity, which produces more energy over the course of a year than is consumed by Tesla vehicles using the Supercharger. The company states that the six charger network currently operational is just the beginning with plans to install the same infrastructure in high traffic corridors across United States, enabling fast, electric travel throughout US.

The Supercharger network is quite powerful than any other charging technology available, with solar  energy providing about 100kW of power to the Model S, which can replenish the batteries for three hours of driving at 60mph in just 30 minutes. The Supercharger network is being claimed to be a “game changer” for electric vehicles, providing long distance travel with utmost convenience.

Via: Tesla Motors [Press Release]

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