Birds made using recycled cell phone parts can make and receive calls

The advancements in mobile phone technology means that geeks discard their cell phones frequently adding to the mountain of electronic waste, ways to dispose which aren’t entirely green. UK-based artists Neil Mendoza and Anthony Goh have taken on the problem in an artistic way by transforming discarded cell phones into a unique art installation featuring birds. The recycled birds don’t have any feathers, but do flash their eyes and lift their four wings.

Dubbed Escape, the art installation is part of the ISEA 2012 Albuquerque Machine Wilderness exhibit, which is a mix of art, science and technology events accompanying an international conference. The innovatively crafted birds feature an Arduino controller and when hooked up to the cell phone network in Europe, these birds can make and receive calls. The installation in Albuquerque sees the birds reprogrammed to react to the proximity of people approaching them.

According to the artists, the installation is all about taking the worst of modern life that is unwanted phones, electronic waste and unwanted noises and turning all this into something which visitors can admire.

Via: CNet

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