Elegant desktop composter for urban composting with Prius like halo effect

There is no denying the fact that composting your organic food waste can do wonders for the plants you own, but the biggest problem with home composting systems is the rotting smell they produce as your waste is turned into nutrient rich plant food. While the most we can do is to place the composter in the backyard, student designer Fanny Nilsson is imagining an indoor composting system that can be placed on your desktop.

Dubbed Re-Feed, the indoor composter is quite elegantly designed and rather than promising heaps of soil, it intends to produce enough nutrition for the plant you grow in the complementary pot. The composter works like a battery powered grinder that grids food waste into a paste, which it then composts. When the process is complete, you can add water to the mix, which is then supplied to the pot using a feeding tube.

The convenience is great and can allow even the less attentive plant owner to take care of his belongings, but doesn’t really address the bad odor issue. While the plastic casing of the composter is treated with an odor-absorbing compound, it still doesn’t manage to put an end to it. The designer states that this negative association is countered with a positive one, which is nurturing the plant.

Via: Co. Design

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