World’s largest solar chandelier needs just sunlight to shimmer

With environmentalists urging consumers to buy eco friendly products for all their home décor needs, it becomes exciting to see what manufacturers and designers are developing for to world to use. Renowned artist Luke Jerram, who is known for his extravagant installations, has come up with the world’s largest solar chandelier that is powered with 700 glass bulbs each of which contains a Crookes radiometer to create a shimmer effect whenever it is exposed to sunlight.

The 15-feet tall chandelier has been installed at the Bristol & Bath Science Park in Emerson’s Green, Bristol. The Crookes radiometer includes lightweight tiny metal paddles packed in partial vacuum on an axle in the center. One side of the paddle is colored white while the other side is black. As photons heat up the black side, the unequal heat distribution causes a gentle motion, which depends on the intensity of sunlight hitting the paddles.

The artist believes that while both scientists and artists want a natural world, the opinions of both vary and both have to take a leap from what is observed to what is unknown to create systems that can explore the boundaries and limitations.

Via: Daily Mail

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