Giant solar sunflowers educate children about renewable energy

Funded by the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, a couple of giant solar energy producing sunflowers has taken shape in Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, a children’s museum in Gulfport. The colorful exhibit looks like a sunflower but operates like a mini power plant, helping power the museum and saving about $40 in energy costs a month.

The two sunflower power generators tower 8.5 feet in the air and have solar panels mounted atop a steel frame. The exhibit is considered to be the first of its kind in Mississippi and makes use of state of the art technology. Visitors at the museum can learn how the process work through monitors located inside the museum. The monitors show how much energy is actually being generated by the plants and also inform visitors how solar energy can be used at their home. The installation is aimed to encourage young kids to think about renewable energy and how its use can promise a cleaner world.


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