Sharp unveils see-through solar panels for skyscraper windows

With recent advancements in solar energy generating technology it has become possible to produce solar panels that are everything from flexible to transparent. For those of you who always wanted to put the sunshine entering your apartment through the windows to a good use, Sharp Japan has announced the development of see-through solar energy panel that offers an unconventional energy option delivering power and also a sense of privacy.

The translucent solar panels, which will be made available October 1, have an efficiency of about 6.8 percent with a maximum claimed output of 95 watts. While the conversion efficiency is nothing to brag about, considering the fact that normal solar panels have hit an efficiency of up to 20 percent, being see through in nature and their ability to harvest energy which is usually wasted is definitely commendable.

The panels will be rolled out in standard sizes that are 4.5 feet wide and 3.2 feet tall, with a super thin profile of just 0.37 inches. The company claims that the solar panels also act as a heat shield, thereby reducing the amount of energy required to keep the interior of your home cool in hot summer months. The panels consist of laminated glass that is infused with solar cells.

Via: CNet

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