Villa Sera: A self-sustaining structure for a clean future

Out of the total amount of energy produced by power plants, a major chunk is used to in homes to power all modern appliances that we are so proud of. To help reduce the energy burden on the grid, architects and designers have long envisioned self powered homes that run entirely off the grid, while keeping all those modern appliances powered up. Architect and designer Hakan Gursu has come up with a striking proposal for such architecture in the form of Villa Sera.

The Villa Sera is a self-sustainable structure that features a plethora of eco friendly credentials to its name. With a roof covered in solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panels to provide all the electricity and hot water the structure needs, the off-grid sustainable building also harvests rainwater and recycles gray water to water plants. The structure hence creates a microcosm reducing the carbon footprint of the building, while contributing to the eco system.

The building also features the use of a ground source heat pump to further reduce its energy demands. The Villa Sera is made using steel and glass elements and has all the requirements for a spacious and eco friendly building. The structure also includes a greenhouse section with innovative air and heat circulation for organic farming and plant growth.

Via: YankoDesign

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