SPACE concept urban bicycle features one-touch folding mechanism

With the rise in the cost of fossil fuels, which we use to power our vehicles, and the lack of ample parking space has been the driving factor behind most urban commuters using bicycles instead of their cars for their daily travel. However, even in a bicycle friendly city, the areas reserved for bicycle parking are limited and so commuters have to leave their bikes on the street itself. A folding bike comes in handy in such a city, where the rider can pull the bike along after reaching his/her destination.

To even ease the process and make bicycles a little more rider friendly, designer Simon Hukaya has come up with the SPACE, a concept folding bicycle that features an innovative one-touch folding and unfolding mechanism along with large 20 inch wheels for stability. The foldable structure is perfect for multiple ways of life and situations.

The bicycle has been designed to make its use as comfortable as possible. The distance between the handlebar and the saddle and the size of the wheels has been chosen accordingly. On arriving to the destination, all the rider has to do is to press a button to fold the bicycle sideways without making any change in the structure. Once folded, the size of the bike is reduced to half, thereby easing carriage and transportation. Opening the bike is easier too and the rider just has to release the two wheels and it opens up by itself.

Cheers! Simon Hukaya

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