Kymera’s electric powered body board nears commercial release

After working for 20 long months, Jason Woods, the man behind the innovative Kymera jet-powered body board has finally revealed details of the commercial version of the board, which unlike the first iteration won’t be powered by gasoline, but rather relies on cleaner electrons for emission free fun. Flaunting a new hourglass shape, the body board has already attracted the interest of search and rescue teams. However the developer believes that the body board is aimed at the recreational market.

The switch in the engine has required a complete redesign to maximize efficiency and keep the level of thrill intact. The currently employed electric motor churns out a peak power of 3.4kW and is fueled by a lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged from a conventional wall socket to provide an hour of fun time on a single charge. The board, including the battery pack weighs about 21kg, giving it the ability to be transported in a car without requiring a trailer.

To ensure that the craft doesn’t only depend on power coming from a wall socket, which obviously isn’t easy to find on a beach, the team has also developed a small solar charging station for the Kymera, which can be mounted on the roof of a lifeguard tower to ensure that the craft is always ready for action. The solar energy charging station can fully charge the body board in eight hours.

Woods hasn’t completely abandoned the idea of using a liquid fuel to propel the craft, as the Kymera will be launched in two versions, with the second one being a propane-powered model. The propane model is quite similar to the electric version, but offers three hour runtime and increased power compared to the electric version. The developer believes that the Kymera will be on sale by next summer and will cost somewhere around $5,000.

Via: Gizmag

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