Spotlight Solar systems look more like sculptures

Usually designers pay little attention to the form of design of solar or photovoltaic panels and concentrate more on greener aspect to sustain the environment. Changing our perception towards the solar energy, the Spotlight Solar has developed creative panels that feature sculptural forms to inspire trendy users to make our surroundings clean and green, even without compromising the looks and style.

Giving sculptural forms to standard solar panels, the Spotlight Solar systems add image value to sustainable investments. Presenting four different types of panels, i.e. Lift, Trestle, Industry and Cascade, the Spotlight Solar attracts a wide range of customers from different sects of life. If you are looking for flexible panels, the Lift offers modular designs and shades to synchronize with the structure.

And if you want to give a rustic look to your courtyard or meeting area, the Trestle solar panels offer strong, deliberate aesthetics in a variety of shades. While the Industry panels are designed to go with a wide range of architectural styles, for the users can either install a single arm containing four solar panels or four arms containing 16 panels to illuminate your place. Last but not the least, the Cascade boasts a contemporary design to attract trendy users. Each Cascade panel can be positioned individually that allows adequate room for batteries and other equipment in the supporting pillar, making it just ideal for off-grid applications.

Via: Spotlight Solar

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