Neptune 1: Build and deploy wave energy generator promises low cost electricity

Researchers and scientists have for long anticipated the immense power of ocean waves, which if harnessed could provide renewable electricity at an affordable cost. However, most wave energy generating systems produced till date have found to be vulnerable to ocean currents and can cause a lot of other problems as well. The problems aren’t entirely stopping Neptune Wave Power from developing the first of its kind wave energy generator, dubbed the Neptune 1.

The team here has developed a fully functional scaled device that has been extensively tested off the coast of New Hampshire. Running on the principles of a self-winding watch, the prototype has proven that commercially viable electricity can be produced by the system. With a diameter of 10 feet, the scaled device will let the team understand the problems before the first commercial version of Neptune 1 can be developed.

Neptune 1 will have diameter of 25 feet and have the ability to generate enough renewable electricity to power 10-20 homes. Neptune 1 will weigh around 50 tons and the design changes incorporated in the prototype will significantly reduce maintenance and manufacturing costs while increasing survivability of subsequent models.

Via: KickStarter

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