DARPA biocompatible electronics dissolve harmlessly into the body

Growing heaps of electronic waste is one of the major issues that time and again raise the brows of environmentalists all over the world. Addressing the issue, researchers at Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has come up with a system of biocompatible electronics that dissolve, as soon as they become obsolete, without leaving any carbon footprint.

Made using ultrathin sheets of silicon and magnesium encapsulated in silk, the futuristic electronics will turn into a water-soluble substance to dissolve in the environment after some time, for the life of electronics can be determined by tweaking the thickness of the silk. Suitable for implantable medical treatments, the biocompatible electronics can be used to produce an implantable device capable of dissolving safely into the body. Therefore, the new electronics would not only improve the medical sciences but also help in sustaining the environment.

Via: PCMag

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