Hydrogen-fueled GreenGT H2 to take on Le Mans

One of the most grueling automotive events held around the world, Le Mans, sees car engines performing to their utmost limits continuously for 24 hours, mostly sees fossil fuel powered engines take on the podium. The gird could soon start to look a lot different than today, by featuring cars like the GreenGT H2, which won’t produce any scorching engine sounds to please you, but will give environmentalists peace of mind as it won’t emit any toxic greenhouse gases as well.

The GreenGT H2 is expected to take the grid of the next year’s 24 hour race as an experimental entry. Experimental, because the vehicle will be fueled not by fossil fuel but clean hydrogen, which will then be converted to electricity using a fuel cell to drive the car’s motors. Emitting just air and water vapor from its tail pipe, the 1000kg car is expected to hit a top speed of 300kph with a power output somewhere north of 500hp. We don’t really expect this beauty to win the race, but it could definitely serve as a test bed for future cars that are made to deliver something extra.

Via: Engadget

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