Simbol Materials plans to extract lithium from brine to reduce cost of EVs

Electric and hybrid vehicles largely depend on lithium and the future doesn’t seem to be any different than this, until of course some research group comes up with a viable and possibly better alternative. Lithium, the lightest metal, isn’t readily available and hence the price of lithium is on a steep rise. With statistics pointing out that the cost of lithium jumped 35 percent in the last 18 months, the sticker price of EVs and hybrids is expected to jump northwards in the near future with the demand for the metal expected to double by the end of this decade.

Making lithium cheaper could do wonders for green transportation by reducing the cost of purely electric and hybrid vehicles. California based Simbol Materials believe that they’ve found a way to produce cost effective lithium from salty water taken from geothermal power plants. The process is simple and Simbol Materials takes salty water and extracts minerals, including lithium, via reverse osmosis filtration system that takes up to 2 hours. The company aims to boost output from an initial 8000 tons a year to 64,000 tons by the end of the decade, equal to 21 percent of projected global demand.

Via: AutoBlog

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