Revolutionary cone-shaped spinning solar generator produces 20 times more electricity

Solar energy is definitely ideal for all green home and business needs. However, the cost per watt of solar energy is much more than grid electricity, which is one of the factors we don’t see solar panels installed on every rooftop. To solve the issue, solar panel manufacturers have recommended the use of sun tracking systems and even concentrators to boost energy output from the photovoltaic cells. While concentrators better energy output, they also cause flat panels to heat up, which consequently reduce the output.

V3Solar is solving all the problems with a revolutionary design, which comes in the form of a new solar energy generating system dubbed the Spin Cell. The Spin Cell is being claimed to produces 20 times more electricity than a flat panel with the same area of PV cells. The design makes use of concentrating lenses, dynamic spin, conical shape and advanced electronics. The Spin Cell features two cones, the inner of which is made using hundreds of triangular PV cells and the outer is a static concentrator featuring interlocking rings and tubular lenses.

While the conical shape negates the need for a separate tracking system, by accommodating the changing angle of the sun during the day and also the different angles of sun throughout the year, the concentrators help increase power output. The dynamic spin, on the other hand, makes sure that solar panels don’t heat up much. The spin is powered by a small amount of electricity that the system generates itself and because the unit floats on magnets, there is no resistance and the magnets are arranged to push the spin forward.

The panels produce DC, which runs on the magnets in the base ring. As they spin past the magnets, which are in the stator ring, AC is produced. The AC produced is conditioned using power electronics to be ready for use in your home.

Via: Gizmag

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