Bamboo Bicycle: An eco friendly concept bicycle for eco lovers

With fossil fuel prices always on a rise the demand for affordable and greener travel sees possible supply in the form of bicycles. Bicycles are definitely the greenest modes of travel and to even better their eco credentials, designers have always tried to make use of eco friendly materials for making bicycles. Recently we saw an innovator from Israel making a bicycle from cardboard and today we have a concept created by a Chinese designer that sees the use of bamboo.

The Bamboo Bicycle by Ka Yang is simple, light and still stylish. The bicycle with small tires has unions and joints made out of bamboo and steel. To add more strength the joints are reinforced with carbon fiber. For the body structure, two identical curved laminated pieces of bamboo are placed in opposite directions and then joined using steel brackets to create a simple yet extremely robust frame.

Apart from being green and strong, the use of bamboo gives a delicate flexibility to the bike acting as a bow string. Though, we don’t completely agree with the use of small tires, as they aren’t exactly stable, the use of bamboo is definitely commendable.

Cheers! Ka Yang

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