Most creative products made using recycled wine corks

There is no dearth of individuals who love wine and probably have few bottles ready for the next big party at their home. However, what most of us forget is that after the drink in the bottle is finished, the cork and the bottle both go into the trash bin, mostly ending up in the landfill. With landfill waste a major concern for cities around the world, it becomes important to figure out ways to recycle all that trash, thereby giving it an all new life. There is no dearth of creative artists who believe that wine corks are something that can easily be recycled into creative products and spared from a landfill death. Here are some of the most innovative products made using wine corks.

  • Wine cork portraits

Michigan-based artist Scott Gundersen aims to find new ways to recycle odd objects such as wine corks. The artist collected all kinds of wine stoppers and organized them into beautiful portraits. While the artist has already created a stunning portrait using 9000 corks over the course of 200 hours, one of his most creative projects is Trisha, a portrait made using 3621 used and recycled wine corks.

  • Wine cork dress

Created by a talented artist with a unique fashion sense, the wine cork dress is definitely not in terms with clothes made and designed by international brands. Here the dresses, including a jacket and pants, are made using hundreds or probably even more wine corks. To create the attire, hundreds of wine corks are stitched together so that you can actually wear them.

  • Recycled wine cork flooring

Whenever it comes to flooring, all of us have a different opinion about the material that best justifies its presence. While most of us debate between vinyl and hardwood flooring, Jelinek Cork has taken advantage of cork’s natural resistance to water to create stylish low-impact flooring. The flooring is made using recycled wine corks cut into circular disks and then glued on special paper backing to create unique patterns. The material can then be adhered to the floor just like normal flooring. Once fixed, the flooring is protected with a covering of urethane.

  • Wine Cork Chair

If you think your chair isn’t exactly comfortable, think again. An artist has made use of thousands of recycled wine corks to create a chair that would compliment your home décor, provided you don’t mind sitting on it. The “Fully Functional” chair costs about $7000 and is more of an artwork than a normal piece of furniture placed in your living room. The unique chair is made to order and due to the raw materials, it gets a new look for every owner.

  • Recycled wine cork truck

The Queen or Corks, Jan Elftman, has made a truck body completely out of thrown away wine corks. Dubbed the Cork Truck, this one-of-a-kind piece of art features the use of about 10,000 wine corks that were placed by hand to create the end product. The cork body also protects the truck’s machinery from water damage and also increases buoyancy if you plan to ride the truck in a river.

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