Architect plans to build net-positive island community for 300,000 people near Istanbul

After the government of Turkey planned to construct a second canal in Istanbul after carving out about a billion cubic meters of soil, the major problem was the safe disposal of all that mud. To find a possible answer, Turkish developer Serdar Inan commissioned NY designer and architect Dror Benshetrit to design a proposal that could safely make use of all that soil. The solution came in the form of HavvAda Island – a net positive island community that could provide safe residence to over 300,000 people off the shore of Istanbul.

The proposal, which blends state of the art technology, innovative design and cultural legacy, is 3km long with a 1km diameter valley in the center. The lush green island is surrounded by six uniquely sized hills, with each hill rising on top of a mega geodesic dome supporting hillside residences.

The community would grow around these centers with the extended areas featuring residential buildings and neighborhoods. The central valley provides space for parks and recreation centers, with a few buildings covered with living roofs. Buildings expand horizontally along while circling the hills at different levels. Activity centers are located in the heart of each hill’s geodesic dome and offers easy access to transportation systems.

All the six artificial hills produce more energy than what they actually consume. Moreover, hill slopes can be used for energy recycling systems that are connected to one another and to the central valley through the grid.

Via: Arch Daily

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