The Velo could be the most technologically advanced bike every built

Bicycling has evolved from being one of the oldest and the simplest modes of transportation to a trend, especially amount the eco lovers. Along with bicycling, bicycles too need a boost of evolution, which mostly came in the form of electric assist to help riders go uphill with relative ease. With technology evolving at an unanticipated pace, we can well imagine that bicycles of the future will be quite different than what they are today and the Velo is just what we were expecting.

While the project is still in its infancy, it is the brainchild of Jack Al-Kahwati, who, we think, believes that Smartphones are not just meant for calling. The Velo has been designed to reduce the common problems associated with bicycling, such as collisions, difficulty to ride on harsh terrain and mapping, with an innovative open source microprocessor system and e-assist.

The bicycle features a collision avoidance system that offers haptic feedback to the rider when he’s about to slam into something and also works with your Smartphone to provide mapping and “drive-by-wire” control of the brakes and transmission. The creators also believe that they can integrate data sensing, real time intelligent tracking system, dynamic routing and social integration also. The developers are planning a Kickstarter in the next couple of months to raise funding, but have already built a working prototype.

Via: TechCrunch

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