The $70,000 bike made using steam bent wood has got no brakes

The bikes made in the 21st century are different from the ones our ancestors used to ride on. They now come with everything including lightweight frames to electric assist to ease uphill travel. Carrying on the advancements and still bringing in an age old technology of steam bending into the process, designer Andy Martin had been commissioned to design a futuristic bike to highlight Thonet’s steam bending process. The designer came up with the “Thonet Bike” that is made using bent wood.

The steam bending process, which was originally developed in the 1930s to make chairs, has been used to by the designer to make a unique bicycle frame out of beech wood. Chosen for its aesthetic beauty and modest connection with the heritage of the company, the bicycle features a series of connectors and sprung rods to reinforce joints and major stress areas in the frame. The bicycle, which will be made in limited number could cost somewhere around $70,000 and has no brakes but a series of several interchangeable gear ratios. This ridiculously expensive bicycle features carbon fiber wheels and a seat made using solid beech wood that is supported on sprung rod supporters.

Via: Mocoloco

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