Toyota Smart INSECT: An intelligent electric vehicle for the urban world

Replacing gasoline engine with electric motors offer designers and manufacturers a lot to play with. The innovation can be seen in Toyota’s Smart INSECT, a single-passenger electric car, which the company is showing off at CEATEC Japan 2012. INSECT, short for Information Network Social Electric City Transporter, has the best in electronics and technology for a comfortable drive.

The Smart INSECT has a flashy cabin with gull-wing doors and has a plethora of intelligent systems that allow to car to do everything from greeting the driver by recognizing him/her and even open the door automatically when the driver reaches out for it. The car features a collection of motion sensors and cameras for the same and also tracks the body movements of the driver for added comfort.

The interior features a large display above the steering wheel that displays GPS information. The system is connected to the cloud-based Toyota Smart Center, which hosts a virtual agent that can provide navigation instructions via voice command. The system accumulates user data in the cloud to make intelligent suggestions based on user preferences.

Just a concept for now, the car is expected to retail somewhere around $10,000 and can hit a top speed of 60kph with an all electric range of 50km. The performance specifications aren’t exactly what drivers are looking for, but the intelligent systems could still help it find a few homes.

Via: Gizmag

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