Chainless Bicymple concept makes bikes simpler than ever

The simple way to make machines and vehicles durable and robust is by reducing the number of moving components inside it. The same theory is applicable for bicycles as well, by removing the chain you can make bikes a lot simpler and durable too. The Bicymple is a concept bicycle built on the same principles. By removing the chain, the number of parts and overall complexity of the concept is significantly reduced.

The concept features a direct-drive freewheeling hub that joins the crank arm axis with the rear-wheel axis. This also allowed the design team to shorten the wheelbase and make it a lot more comfortable to ride on. The stylish concept bike makes riding easy and comfortable, which also enhancing stability. The concept also allows for an optional rear-steer mode commonly found in swing bikes. This mode allows the rider to easily negotiate tight turns. The compact design effortlessly allows the rider to get in and out of tight spaces.

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