Lamp made using recycled bike chains illuminates sustainably

While there is no dearth of innovative and highly advanced lamps that come with all types of sensors to conserve energy, there is no dearth of eco conscious homeowners who want to compliment their home décor with stylish lamps made using environmentally friendly materials. The Connect 6 is one such lamp that can please the senses of such green souls, while making sure that their green home speaks of class all along.

This 14-inch tall lamp is handmade using reclaimed metal and recycled bicycle chains that are attached to the body of the lamp in a unique configuration. The configuration allows the light switch to the easily accessed to turn on and off the lamp. The bottom of this metallic lamp is covered in felt to protect the surface on which the user places it.

Light shimmers out of the bicycle chains to create a very sensual light in any room. Priced at $200, each lamp is made by hand and takes at least 2 weeks for the same.

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