Innovative solar powered lamp doubles as a cell phone charger

According to recent statistics about 1.4 billion people around the world have no access to local electricity, making them use kerosene lamps for studying and working after dark. Kerosene lamps emit toxic fumes and also cost a lot more than lamps such as the one created by BRIGHT products. BRIGHT Products has unveiled a low-cost portable solar powered lamp for the developing world that can be used as a hanging lamp, portable flashlight and a desktop light.

With an aim to replace harmful kerosene lamps, the lamp’s solar panel needs eight hours of sunshine to completely recharge the onboard battery, after which the lamp can run for 50 hours on low power mode, eight hours on medium mode and four hours of high mode. The lamp can also be used to charge portable electronic devices such as cell phones, which obviously will reduce its operating time.

The lamp’s solar panel is attached with a bendable neck to the battery, which allows the users to point the solar panel directly towards the sun for maximum energy generation. The portable lamp can also be carried along on camping trips, where access to the electricity is normally limited. BRIGHT Products is now seeking $50,000 production funds to help manufacture the lamp on a large scale after which it can be distributed to the developing nations.

Via: Gizmag

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