Clarion debuts world’s first solar powered portable digital speakers

The market today is flooded with all types of eco friendly products that are either made using environmentally friendly materials or are powered by renewable energy. Carrying on the trend, Clarion has unveiled the world’s first solar powered portable digital speakers dubbed “ZP1” as part of the company’s “01Drive” series.

Unlike conventional speakers that convert digital signals with converters or amplifiers to analog, the ZP1 employ a groundbreaking reproduction system that carries digital signals to the speaker units in digital form only. The speakers promise high quality sound from devices with Bluetooth such as Smartphones, computers and portable audio devices.

The speakers have a slim profile, but still manage to house three speaker units. The setup is powered by lithium-ion batteries that are charged by an onboard solar energy charger. The company claims that the speakers are capable of 30 hour operation on a fully charged battery. The solar panel employed in the device offers 1 hour of operation with 3 hours of sun exposure.

Via: Akihabara News

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