Bye Bye Laundry uses activated charcoal to deodorize half dirty clothes

Most urban dwellers mostly throw half-dirty clothes in the laundry basket as there is no other place to put them. This not only means that clothes are washed too often, but also increases water consumption. To help save water and also the clothes, designer Lisa Marie Bengtsson has come up with unique deodorizing clothes hangers dubbed Bye Bye Laundry that are equipped with a chamber containing activated charcoal.

The idea here is simple, instead of throwing half-dirty clothes in the laundry basket, all the users have to do is to hang the on these hangers. The activated carbon absorbs odors making the clothes feel and smell just as good as newly washed. These hangers also help save a lot of water as clothes aren’t that frequently washed. The hangers were shown at 100% Design during London Design Festival.

Via: Dezeen

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