Treelite: Eco friendly lamps switch on only when it’s dark

Out of the total amount of energy consumed in a household a major chunk goes into lighting the ambience. While LED and CFL light bulbs help conserve energy when compared with the conventionally employed incandescent bulbs, the energy savings don’t have much significance if lights are turned on during daytime or when nobody is in the room.

Answering the need to conserve energy and hence reduce your electricity bills, designer Theresa Ohm has come up with Treelite – motion sensing lamp made using environmentally friendly materials such as softwood. Weighing only 50 grams, the entire lamp is 100 percent recyclable owning to the materials used in the manufacturing process. The light is switched on by a motion sensor which makes sure that the light doesn’t stay on when nobody is in the room. Moreover, the motion sensor employed starts working only after dark to conserve even more energy.

Cheers! Theresa Ohm

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