Artist creates eco friendly chandelier from recycled Coca Cola bottles

The problem of plastic pollution is mainly attributed to the use of plastic drinking water bottles and cola bottles, which are often thrown away once the drink inside is consumed. Soft drink maker Coca Cola has been working hard to improve its environmental statistics by coming up with bottles made using eco friendly materials. However, most of the bottles currently in use are still plastic and hence the problem hasn’t been solved entirely. To help educate users about the importance of recycling, Coca Cola had commissioned eco artist Sarah Turner to create lighting fixtures for their Hospitality Center at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The artist came up with Olympics themed chandeliers, each of which is made using 190 Coca Cola bottles. Five similar chandeliers were made to decorate the center, with a globe, dubbed Cola 30, placed in the middle of the chandelier. The company also commissioned the artist to create a 9-meter tall sculpture from waste bottles and cans.

Via: Inhabitat

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