Vertical Farm proposal aims to bring farming to the urban world

There is no denying the fact that rapid industrialization and the steep growth in population has reduced the amount of land available in the urban world for farming. The future seems even worse as researchers believe that in the coming decades more and more people will leave their rural abodes to find place in the nearest city. Addressing the food security issue, that is a result of this, is architect and designer Rogerio Carvalheiro, who has come up with an iconic building proposal that can be built next to the London City Hall and Tower Bridge.

The sustainable 550,000 square foot building has integrated closed-loop systems like those found in natural ecosystems. The ecosystems intersperse residential, hydroponic, aquaponics, bee sanctuaries and livestock housing. The designer has also tried to integrate public spaces into the building, such as a vertical park, theaters, classrooms, markets and restaurants.

To reduce water consumption, a fully integrated rainwater harvesting system has been employed. Moreover, there are systems in place to recycle gray water, which can then be used for farming purposes. To power the building, the designer has envisioned a set of water turbines that convert the flow of Thames to electricity. Electricity is also produced by a network of wind turbines  too.

Cheers! Rogerio Carvalheiro

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