Unusual bicycle designs for usual commutes

In today’s world, where transportation is mainly dependent on polluting fossil fuels, bicycles are the safest and the cleanest way to travel to your destination. Moreover, with increasing prices of fuel and the emissions associated with it, has tempted commuters to make more use of this simplest mode of transportation. Designers and manufacturers too envision a future where bicycles will be used much more than today and have come up with a lot of innovative and sometimes weird bikes that they hope will be a common sight on the highways of tomorrow. Here are some of the most unusual bicycles ever designed.

  • Bicymple – The chainless bicycle

Everyone who has ever ridden a bicycle knows the importance of the bicycle chain. Any conventional bike employs the chain to transfer all that power from your pedaling legs to the rear wheel. However, the Bicymple is entirely different. The concept design simply removes the chain and brings the rear wheel a lot closer to you so that you can directly pedal the rear wheel. The design team behind this innovative bike believes that the change makes it easy to ride, more comfortable and even more stable.

  • Mando Footloose – The electricity generating bicycle

The markets today are flooded with electric bikes of all kinds and shapes. Not only do electric bikes ease your uphill commutes, but also allow you to travel a lot faster. However, most electric bikes need you to charge their batteries using a wall socket – a process that sometimes takes up the entire night. The Mando Footloose changes all that with an onboard generator that produces electricity every time you pedal it.

  • Fliz Bike – The wearable bicycle

Innovation and experimenting doesn’t get crazy than the Fliz Bike. The designer of the Fliz Bike wanted to have a simple bicycle that has no pedals, no chain and even no seat for you to sit on. Rather you wear this bicycle, actually a velocipede, with a five point belt system that according to the designers makes it a lot more comfortable and ergonomic. Rather than pedaling this bicycle, the rider/wearer runs to gain speed and then relaxes legs on the fame of the rear wheel.

  • One-77 – A bicycle fit for James Bond

We say that the One-77 is a bicycle made and fit for James Bond because it is one of the most technologically advanced bicycle ever designed. Built by Factor Bikes for Aston Martin, the bike features an onboard computer that monitors and displays up to 100 items of information including the performance specs of the bike and the vitals of the rider. The limited edition bicycle will cost about $39,000, another reason to bring in James Bond here.

  • Cardboard Bicycle – The $9 bike

While manufacturers make use of lightweight alloys or even carbon fiber to shave off extra pounds from a bicycle, an Israeli inventor used cardboard for the same result. Izhar Gafni, an Israeli entrepreneur, created an affordable bicycle from corrugated cardboard that costs just $9 to build. Unlike your conception, the cardboard bicycle can easily be driven by a rider weighing up to 140 kilograms.

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