Artist creates stunning sculptures from discarded VHS tapes

Tell any young kid about the way you used to watch movies or listen to music during your childhood and he’ll believe you are from the Stone Age. Things have changed and they’ve changed really fast, even the successors of the age old VHS tapes are going to get obsolete pretty soon, in case they already haven’t. However, there might still be some old VHS and audio tapes lying around in an old cabinet, just as a memory of the golden days.

Same is the case with others of my age as well and while we all just never want to throw the once rich collection in the trash bin, artists like Lorenzo Durantini are spending hours of labor to convert this old recording medium into epic installations. The artist’s collection, 2,216 VHS Tapes, sees the creation of everything from a room full of 250,000 feet of old tape to 5-foot obelisks made using VHS tapes.

While collecting 2,216 old VHS tapes definitely seems a lot, using the tapes within to create something unique and mesmerizing seems exceptional.

Via: Co Design

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