Taiwan’s Cardboard Restaurant takes recycling to a whole new level

While most of us usually think cardboard is only good for packaging your electronic gadgets and appliances, a Taiwanese inventor is proving it wrong by building a unique restaurant where everything, other than the food itself is made using cardboard. Located inside the Carton King Creativity Park in Taiwan, the Carton King Restaurant features furnishings, decorations and even the plates and bowls made from corrugated cardboard.

Hungry visitors sit of cardboard chairs and food is served on cardboard tables in cardboard plates and bowls. The brainchild of Huang Fang-liang, the Carton King restaurant was built in 2007 inside the Carton King Creativity Park to just prove that cardboard and paper aren’t exactly underrated materials, as all of us believe them to be. Just in case if some visitors think that the cardboard chairs won’t take their weight, the restaurant has a unique way of showing the strength of cardboard. The staff calls in their chef, who weighs around 100kgs, to sit on the chair and then a waiter is made to sit on his lap, after which all questions are put to an end.

Via: Oddity Central

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