Eole Water develops turbine to produce energy and water

The lack of energy and water are the two main problems the world currently is facing. To kill both the problems with a single product, Eole Water from France has come up with a revolutionary wind turbine, dubbed WMS 1000, which produces water and renewable energy. Currently undergoing testing in Dubai, the turbine collects moisture in the air which is then condensed and filtered to exceed the standards listed by the WHO.

The three-blade turbine also does its regular job of producing up to 30kW of renewable electric power and simultaneously produces up to 1200 liters of water each day. The top of the turbine features a fan that captures air and a humidity condenser encased within the generator condenses the moisture within. Water is then passed through a filtration chamber that removes all air-borne contaminants from it.

The turbine comes with a faucet installed at its base, where the water produced by it can be collected and used. The turbine is also very easy to maintain and if something does go wrong in the mechanics, a hydraulic hinge allows the stem of the turbine to bend down for easy access to the power and water producing components. The developing team believes that the turbine can do all of that while still being able to survive wind speeds of up to 180kph.

Via: Green Prophet

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