Timber Café: Sustainable pop-up restaurant concept flaunts timber construction

Designers at BAKOKO have come up with a unique pop-up restaurant that can be set up at any place in just a day. The secret behind this is its innovative design and development process that sees the furniture and the architecture cut from the same material – sustainably harvested timber. The sustainable restaurant makes use of timber panels as a carbon negative alternative to steel and concrete.

The idea here is to cut massive timber panels from sustainably harvested timber offcuts and then laminating it for durability. The timber panels are cut according to the designer’s CAD drawings and entire walls are cut in one piece and openings for windows and doors can be cut out in almost any shape. Once all the pieces of the café are cut, they can be flat packed and shipped to any location in the world.

Assembling the café is just like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, but on a completely different scale. The temporary building can be flat packed and shipped in a standard 40-foot shipping container. After arriving at its destination, the wooden box can be assembled with the help of a crane in just one day. The self-stable structure doesn’t require a permanent foundation, making it suitable anywhere.

To even better the restaurant’s eco credentials BAKOKO has designed furniture including seating and tables to be easily assembled from parts cut from the timber panels. The empty cuts made in the wall panels bring natural light to the interiors to save energy.

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